The girl from a big house

Benimadhav Singh was the owner and candidate of the village of Gauripur. His grandfather was rich at one point. The permanent pond of the village and the temple, now difficult to repair, were its own pillars. It is said that the elephant whirled in this door. Now there was an old buffalo in its place, with only the bone left. But the milk has probably given a lot; Because no one is riding on the head because of a hawk. Benimadha Singh had offered lawyers more than half of his assets. His current income did not exceed Rs. 000 per year. Mr. Thakur had two children. The old man’s name was Sreekanth Singh. He spent a lot of work and after business. B. a. He had received the title. Now there was a servant in an office. The boy Lalbihari Singh was a double-edged young man. Full face, wide breast Two sari with fresh buffalo milk got up and drank all day. The state of Srikanth Singh was the opposite. These qualities of nectar b. A: These two letters have been discredited. These two letters weakened her body and broke her face. It was his special love in medical texts. I had more confidence in Ayurvedic medicines. At night, the harmonious and harmonious sound of Kharal was often heard in his room. The conferences of Lahore and Calcutta have been written in great numbers.

Although Srikanth was the teacher of this class, English was not a lover of social practices. On the contrary, he condemned her with energy and disrespect. It was his great honor in the city. At the time of Dussehra, he came to Ramlila with great enthusiasm and he himself participated in any part of the party. He was the only Ramlila swimmer in Gauripur. The eulogy of the ancient Hindu civilization was the essence of their religion. He was the only worshiper in the whole family. Women who are angry when they meet women in the family think it hurts the caste and the country. That’s why the villagers were his slander. Someone did not even hesitate to understand her as an enemy. He was against his wife. It was not because he hated his stepfather, his brother-in-law or his brother-in-law, etc., but he thought he could be given a lot, even if he could not. Carried by the family, life is ruined by daily discord. It is better to cook your khichadi separately.

The lucky was the overall tall girl. His father was a small landowner. Here is a huge building, an elephant, three dogs, eagles, deaf guardians, candelabras, fee administrators and loans, which are the substances occupied by a respected land collector. The name was Bhupasinh, there were great liberal and talented men, but unfortunately the boy was none. There were seven girls, all of whom survived by accident. In the first excitement, he made three magnificent hearts; But the debt of fifteen to twenty thousand rupees lay in the head, the eyes were washed in the hand. Happy was the fourth child. She had more shapes and qualities than all her sisters. That’s why Thakur Bhoop Singh liked him a lot. Maybe the beautiful child loves his parents too much. Thakur Saheb had a big problem. Where should he get married? He also did not want the burden of debt to increase, and he did not accept that he felt like a fate. One day, Srikantha asked him for a rupee. Maybe there was a donation for civil advertising. Bhupsinh became entangled in his nature and brilliantly married Shrikantha Singh.


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When the happy person has arrived in your new home, the color of the appearance has changed. The inflexible teammate since childhood has not even been nominated here. The elephants and the horses said nothing, there was no beautiful beauty. The silk was brought with a sleeper, but here in the garden, where the windows were not in the house. There is no floor on the floor, no pictures on the wall. It was a simple shepherd’s house, but a few days later, the lucky person adapted to this new situation, as if he had never seen anything like luxury.


One afternoon, Lalbihari Singh took two birds and talked to the brother-in-law, he cooked it quickly, I’m hungry. I was worried about how he was doing happy food. Now she is sitting on a new plate. If you saw Hawaii, ghee was not enough. The girl of the big house, what is the advantage? He gave the whole ghee to the flesh. Lalbihari sat down to eat, so there was no ghee in the dal, why did not you leave the ghee in the dal?

The lucky one said, Ghee fell on all flesh. Lalbihari spoke loudly, now he’s

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